elizabeth chavez phillips

Hi there - I'm Elizabeth

A creator, writer, public speaker, champion of equity, advocate for students with learning differences, yoga teacher and seeker of wellness.


My purpose in life is to make an impact. My passion is finding opportunities to put my skills to work.


I spend much of my time devouring books, articles and podcasts in search of fresh ideas and tools.


My work is dedicated to learning as much as I can and sharing ideas that can help you flourish.



elizabeths yoga lab

 I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years and have been a registered yoga teacher since 2012. 


I have found refuge in yoga time and again. When my life feels out of control, my yoga mat is a safe place to lay down and reground. When my body hurts and needs healing, my mat it there to support me. I love sharing yoga and it's benefits. Especially with people that are so busy they don't have time for yoga. Because I've learned from personal expirience that busy people REALLY need yoga. 


New Course Coming Soon


My new virtual course, Coffee Break Yoga - will be full of short daily practices, weekly meditations and affirmations to help you build your daily yoga practice. 


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Is a project that I created in partnership with my son Bradyn.


We have spent many years navigating the world of learning differences.


In the beginning all we wanted was for someone to point us in the right direction.


Our mission is to share what we have learned to make it easier for families just starting out.


Cancer is my Guru

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2022. In August of 2022 I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.


I was scared, tired and overwhelmed. Coping was hard and I did a lot of work to find tools to help me get through it.


Now I am sharing my story with the hope that it can help you or someone you love.